Plant Killers Welcome

Hey Fashionistas!

I’m bringing you a quick DIY-esque tutorial and first impression on Modern Sprout’s Garden Jar.

I bought a jar of self watering cilantro from Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. I was waiting until my schedule slowed down enough for me to be able to water it and actually pay attention to it. Yes, I am a plant killer and yes this is a new beginning for me. Growing my own food and flowers has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember, but I SUCK AT IT! So I thought I’d start small with a baby cacti, and then my boyfriend gifted me a calla lily that died and then magically came back to life again…or maybe it was just back in season. Either way I never gave up on it and they are both still alive. I thought maybe the next step is to grow some sort of herb or food. When my family and I were shopping at Magnolia I found these mason jars. There were different kinds of plants/herbs but I chose cilantro because, tacos. So if you’re a plant killer like me, join me in my journey to become a professional gardener.

Here are the steps I took while getting my jar set up (for success I hope):

There are instructions that come with the kit, but I thought I’d show you myself too. Add two cups of water. You can use a measuring cup or use the measurements on the jar. It was hard to see on the jar since I left the label on.iIMG_7217Add the grow medium. It says to fill it up about a 1/2″ and then add the coco pith. If you are watching the video, the guy puts the coco pith in and it seems like he has a good amount but the cilantro only comes with a small amount. I’m guessing cilantro doesn’t need as much. I’m not sure why the coco pith isn’t included in all of the photos. Pull the wick up. It says to discard the extra grow medium. iIMG_7219Insert the seeds and kind of spread them out and mix them in with the grow medium and coco pith. I found it kind of strange that there wasn’t a lot of coco pith, but they know way more than I do. iIMG_7225Make sure the pot never touches the water at the bottom. Lightly water the net pot and set in a good sunny spot. Im adding the step of naming your plant because I think if you name it then you’ll want to take care of it more. There’s Mr Prickles that I mentioned in the beginning. I named my cilantro Hulk because I love The Hulk and after it is ready to harvest, I am going to smash it up and make some yummy salsa. I just realized I didn’t name my calla lily plant…any suggestions?iIMG_7233Let me know what you think! Do you have any suggestions on plants for plant killers? Comment down below!

Cilantro Herb Plant: Modern Sprout (Click here for more detailed instructions and tips)






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