5 Activities for a Laid-Back NYE

IMG_6942Hey Fashionistas!

I was thinking of doing New Years Eve looks, but I am honestly going to wear one of my All Black Everything looks because I’m not going  out this year. Instead, my friends and I decided to have a laid-back, chill, grandma style New Years Eve. I mean, its been a great year, but I’m exhausted! No better way to end the year than to sit back and relax and enjoy the company of my friends. So if you are like me, you would get into your warmest clothes (Yes, California is experiencing cold weather), grab your friends and enjoy some of these activities. Oh and don’t forget the pizza:

  • Board Games/Phone Games

-Try out the Big Jenga trend! Don’t have money? Use your left over wrapping paper and wrap shoe boxes (we all know you got shoes for Christmas, lets be real) but really, just hop over to Target and buy it. It’s really not expensive.

Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. Either or will work depending on your taste. You do have to order Cards Against Humanity so if you don’t already have it, Apples to Apples is your best bet! Its always fun to see what your friends/family come up with!

Heads Up. Now this really gets the people going! I have witnessed the most shy people really get into this game. I have made my family and friends play this and its a hit every time! Download it on your phone, even the free categories are fun to play. Act it Out anyone?

-Good ole Twister. Throw on some music and see which of your friends can bend it like Beckham. No farting…boys. -___-

Catch Phrase: As seen on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show challenge your friends to see who really knows whom best. Am I right? No one really describes the words its more like, “Remember that time when we did this and you___”

Dubsmash: Now this is fun! It always takes me a good five minutes to get the lips right. Don’t forget the props!

  • Make a bonfire & eat s’mores 

Easy! Once again, go to Target and buy a fire pit and all of the supplies. Marshmallows, chocolate, fire supplies, graham crackers. Unravel an old wired hanger and get to it! Enjoy your last relaxation moment of 2015. Maybe have everyone go around and share their best moment(s) of 2015. #blessed

Watch some throwbacks! Movies usually go well with friends because everyone has different tastes in TV Shows…but we can all agree on Friends right? Grab some pizza and get to watching! Maybe watch the episode where Ross and Monica get to dance on TV hahaha I so want to memorize that dance.

  • Riff Off (Pitch Perfect style)

Okay so if you have a karaoke machine, take it out, split into teams and play this! So fun! If you don’t, make it a lip sync battle. So in the movie Pitch Perfect, they have a “Riff Off” where each team has to battle each other in a selected category. Here are their categories (You don’t have to do all of these. You can even add your own.):

Ladies of the 80s, Songs About Sex, Black Michael Jackson, White Michael Jackson, Christian Rock, Hair Bands, TV Theme Songs, Reggae Time, Medium Rock, The Judds, Famous Duets, Overplayed Black Eyed Peas, Puppet Songs, Songs Ruined By Glee, Party Rock Anthems, Ugly Lead Singers.

So after you figured out your categories, each person of each team has to go at least once. (Make enough categories) Make sure you pick at least one or two judges too! So each team sends up a person and they pick a category out of a hat and then take turns performing. The judges judge based on their creativity, whether they worked the crowd and if they actually picked a correct song (Britney=90s-00s not the 80s). You can pick the score numbers, but keep it simple. It could be out of three points each time. After everyone gets a turn, each team has to pick their best (or two of their best) player(s) to battle it out for bonus points. Pick one more category and instead of picking their own song, the opposing team has to pick the song. The team with the most points, wins! Let me know how it goes!

  • Lastly, catch up with your friends/family and really enjoy their company. That’s a great way to start the New Year. Don’t forget to watch the ball drop in New York! It’s always fun to watch the performances.

Thanks for being the best readers. Honestly, this has been so much fun! Thank you to the people who told me they read my blog…I am still in denial! haha You all are so special to me and I cannot wait for the plans I have for 2016. Stay tuned…HAPPY NEW YEAR FASHIONISTAS! God Bless 🙂





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