All Black Everything Lookbook

Hey Fashionistas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and break! There’s nothing like the holidays to bring people together. I am so sad it all had to end. Anyway, last night I launched my first YouTube video and I must say, I am feeling proud. I want to give a shoutout to my favorites, Caitlin and Amy for shooting it for me. They’re the best! I wanted my first YouTube video to be about my go to looks and as I looked into my closet all I could see was the color black! Then, for Christmas most of the clothes I received were the color black. It is definitely not a bad thing, but it made it clear what direction I would take this in, and boy was it fun to shoot! I felt like myself and most importantly I felt confident. That is all I could ask for! (It also helped that my friends were behind the camera.)

Let’s dig in:

Look 1 “Something Bad”:

IMG_6738I really like the moodiness of these photos. I specifically like the blue color in the photo. (Props Caitlin) This outfit was like my alter ego in a way. I felt so Miranda Lambert!  IMG_6731

Jacket: Volcom from Red E Surf Shop

IMG_6728Pants: Marshalls

Boots: Just Fab

IMG_6732Lipstick: Colour Pop “Beeper” 

IMG_6727Top: Johnny Cash tee from Styles For Less

Statement Necklace: Styles For LessIMG_6730I actually wore this outfit for a girls night out! Happy Birthday Nadia!

Look 2 “Christmas Dinner”:

IMG_6105_FotorThis is probably one of the most comfiest outfits! This was such a great choice because it was a cold night in Downtown and that poncho was so warm! (I have to give the horchata latte props too) IMG_6109_FotorScarf: Forever 21IMG_6113_FotorLipstick: Colour Pop “Bad Habit”IMG_6118_FotorPoncho: Styles For LessIMG_6114_FotorLeggings: MarshallsIMG_6124_FotorBoots: Just FabIMG_6127_Fotor

I wore this outfit for a Christmas dinner for my internship. We all participated in a Escape Room. If you ever go to Escape Room LA try “The Alchemist” it is so fun! After 45 minutes of testing our skills (and feeling like Indiana Jones or maybe a little Saw-ish yikes!) we sat down and ate Italian food. Yum! This outfit was so perfect! Oh and I have to add a photo of my furry nephew Bentley because he greeted me when I came home and licked off Colour Pop! If you have ever tried Colour Pop, you’d know it is hard to take that stuff off! haha Epic moment.

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Look 3 “Punch Like a Girl”: IMG_6718_FotorI know this is not all black but it is mostly black. I joined a boxing gym with Amy a couple of weeks ago (around the time Creed came out) and it has been so rewarding! If you want something different or maybe you want to spice up your workout routine, try boxing. It is incredibly hard but I feel like I should be walking out in slow motion with an explosion going off behind me. Thats exactly bad you would feel after one session. IMG_6719_FotorJacket: PINK by Victoria’s Secret (The site is temporarily unavailable. I will ink these once it is back up!)

IMG_6724_FotorAnkle Socks: Journey’s 

Leggings: PINK by Victoria’s SecretIMG_6720_FotorShoes: Nike 

Lip Balm: EOS Pomegranate Raspberry 

Well, that’s it (for now)! I hope you all liked these looks, and if you want to see them in action check out my YouTube video. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my December blog coming up!

Have a good week Fashionistas!




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