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Featured BGF: Caitlin Ocegueda

Hey Fashionistas!

Today I am launching my “Broke Girls” category on the blog. I thought this would be a great addition to my blog because the people who influence me the most (other than you all) are the people in my life. Each and every one of my friends and family members has a unique style and I am always inspired by their individuality.

Caitlin Ocegueda has been my friend for over five years. I met her, her first year of college. There’s a saying that goes “You don’t go to college to meet your future husband, you go to college to meet your future bridesmaids”. I would have to say that is completely accurate. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Caitlin blossom into this confident, outgoing, beautiful woman. She really is a force of nature. Caitlin inspires me and everyone around her, and I know that because she has titles like “Greek Goddess” and “Miss Cal Poly Pomona”. Not only does the greek community agree with me, but our whole college does too. That’s says something about her character. Currently, Caitlin is working in the photo publicity department at The CW Network. Caitlin is a great photographer and I am proud that the network recognizes her eye for photos. I gave Caitlin a list of questions to answer (since she and I have conflicting schedules) and set up a photo shoot with her. Here it is:

IMG_6134_FotorThe Broke Girl Fashionista: Describe your style.

Caitlin Ocegueda: I would describe my style as the girl next door. Sure, I love to rock a classic pair of levi’s but I do it with a bang. My style is bold but (somewhat) subtle, just like me. It’s artistic but functional. It’s expressive but contemporary. Eclectic and unique, just like me. I love putting my own spin on trends. Whether that means going all out with my favorite new power colors (burgundy and navy) or obsessing over my new high top vans.

TBGF: What are your favorite stores?
CO: I love shopping at Target because they have really revamped their style within the past few years. It is very affordable and they always have my size. I am 5’8” so it can be hard to find a dress that doesn’t fit like a shirt. They always have a ton of boho pieces and boots that I am all about! If I need to dress up for something my go to place is Francesca’s. I can really identify with their chic and eclectic style. Lastly, for work outfits I love going to H&M or Cotton On. It’s super affordable and looks like you just stepped off the runway!



TBGF: What inspires you?
CO: I am a visual learner so I am very inspired by interesting design concepts, bold colors and geometric shapes. On another level, I am very inspired by meeting new people because I believe that everyone has their own story to tell. One of my favorite things to do is interview people and photograph their portrait because their personality really shines through the image.
TBGF: Who are your fashion icons?
CO: GWEN FREAKING STEFANI. Can you say GLAM NATION? Ever since I was a young girl I’ve admired Gwen’s confidence to rock any look on stage. Yes, we both might of had our craziest outfits back in the early 2000’s but we have both evolved and found our personal style. I think she is an absolute goddess and can connect with any audience. Gwen oozes confidence and I love her funky mixes of color, pattern and bold statements.



Bracelets: Alex and Ani

TBGF: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
CO: Wait? I have free time? Just kidding, but when I actually get a moment away from the hustle and bustle I love to go explore new areas, scout out and photograph in a fun industrial or natural environment. I love to visit museums and catch up with my pals over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Nothing is better than kicking it with my fam bam watching funny movies in our pajama’s and eating ice cream on a Friday night though. Oh and how could I forget, spend time with my FAV fashionista 😉




Top: H&M

The main purpose of this category in my blog is to show you how inspirational the people in my world are. After reading this and getting some style tips from Caitlin, I hope the Broke Girls category did just that, inspire. (I know I am!)
Follow Caitlin’s photography Instagram: @caitlino_photography
To my girl: Thank you for doing this for me and my readers. I love you to the moon and back and cannot wait for all of our future plans. I am blessed beyond measure to have a bestie like you. See you soon (and by soon I mean I’m texting you right now).

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