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Wedding Week + My Dream(y) Wedding

Hey Fashionistas!

I was asked by Paperless Post to share my dream wedding. For the record, I am NOT engaged. I am just simply sharing how I would want the big day to look. It is actually pretty nice to have this on paper or online in my case. These ideas have been swirling around in my head (and heart, awwww) ever since I learned what a wedding was.

Of course, this is not exact since I would need the input of my significant other…but if he loves me, this is what it would look like (okay, okay, mostly). hehe.

My Dream Wedding

I am so obsessed with fairytales! Not the Disney versions, but the OG versions i.e. Grimms Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. Basically what the Disney movies are based off of. I love the moody feel you get when reading them. I love that they are so perfectly written you feel like you’re in the story. They are written to feel real, but with fictional aspects. I want everyone who attends the wedding to feel like they stepped out of the real world into this enchanted, etherial setting where the love vibes are strong. So, I gathered some photos that represent the colors, decor and the location of what my dream wedding would look like.  Obviously, it’s a girly theme but I didn’t want it to feel so over-the-top girly and frilly that it would look like it’s my birthday party or something. (I’m not sure if that makes sense). I also want it to be something he would picture his wedding looking like too.

Planning: I think (from what I’ve witnessed) the best way to start planning is the budget of course…BUT you cannot really plan a budget unless you know what you want. With that, I would pick a theme, so for me (Lord willing) it would be an enchanted fairytale theme. From there, I would know to look for a woods-ey (“ey” because I live in Southern California and that would mean a road trip. So, “ey” because maybe there is a location that is closer) area. After you know your location, you can start everything from there. You know, that super long list of things to do for a wedding.

Paperless Post asked me “What makes up the perfect wedding?” To me, what makes the perfect wedding is getting to marry your best friend in front of your loved ones. It is such a special and sacred day, I feel like no matter how it is decorated or where it is, it’ll be the best day of my life. Hands down.

BUUUUUTTTTTTT…I still want to go over my mood board above:

*This is not in any order and I purposely left some important aspects out for personal reasons.*



I tried to find where this is from, but there isn’t a legitimate link. Via Pinterest

I mean…does this not scream fairytale wedding?! The main thing I love about this dress is the train. Honestly, I feel like no one knows what they really like unless you try things on. I always guess what people would wear on their wedding days and it always comes out the complete opposite! I know people that dress really sexy and end up with a big princess dress. haha All I know, it’s going to be a wild ride with the dress shopping because I have this image in my head and I am most likely going to be picky and indecisive. (Im sorry momma in advance) Yikes!


I love this photo, but I like the tone of these invitations better.

These are my favorites from Paperless Post:

Louisa II -Apricot

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.05.51 PM

Birch Bark 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 4.06.37 PM

Sugar Pine

If you want to see more invites click here to see their whole collection. My favorite is the Kate Spade collection! So cute! Check it out.


I love the colors of this cake! It’s almost a naked cake. I would love more green and maybe the muted blue color in the floral decor. I love when weddings have different cakes with different flavors so people can pick what they want. Honestly, my priority for guests are: food, music and cake. My family is really big on dancing and eating so I hope we don’t disappoint. hahaha


Of course I would want vintage fairytale books everywhere. I love the fern, moss and wood details too. I LOVE the glass over a floral arrangement because it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Okay, I’m slippin here with the Disney stuff but it would be recognizable for the guests. I just want it to look like someone came over and gave the woods a glamorous makeover. haha


I intentionally left out the bridesmaids and groomsmen because although I’d love to pick something out, it would really be up to them. I did use this photo because this dress is so adorable! I was a flower girl in a wedding and I felt like such a princess. It was an experience in itself and I want the same for my future flower girl. Between the floral lace and the flower crown, I AM DYING!


I’m sure the readers of my blog are tired of hearing this, but Thumbelina is my favorite fairytale. I love how such a tiny girl made a big impact in her world. She’s fearless and loving at the same time. She sees the good in the world even though she goes through so much. Inspirational right? Anyway, when I’m in the middle of tall trees I immediately feel so small, but I feel so inspired by God’s work. I mean, he made those! So why not get married in such a glorious setting.


You may or may not have seen this already, but Sean Parker and Alexandra Lena’s wedding was so over the top and perfect! Vanity Fair named it the wedding of the year. The costume designer for Lord of the Rings designed all 364 costumes for the wedding guests. It was located in Big Sur, CA. It is supposed to be like a modern day enchanted forest, according to Parker.  These are my favorite photos from the article. So beautiful! Click the link for more photos.

Thank you Paperless Post for this idea and for asking me to post this! I had so much fun!

Let me know what your dream wedding is! I’m really curious to hear what everyone else wants in their wedding. If you’re married, tell me about your wedding in the comment section below.



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