Wedding Week + Professional Wedding Guest

Hey Fashionistas!

So from the title you’ll gather that I am having a wedding themed week on my blog! I AM NOT ENGAGED…for the record. Let me explain:This weekend I went to my cousins wedding. I really feel like I am a professional wedding guest sometimes, but you know what? I’d get a degree in it if there was one. I absolutely love weddings! I love to dress up for one, I love the love vibes going around, and I love to watch the people I (you guessed it) love get married to the person they want to be with the rest of their lives. SO great!

I cannot tell you what Thursday’s post will be on, but I will tell you that it will be amaze-balls and extremely personal to me. With that, let me show you my wedding guest outfit:

 My cousin and his beautiful bride. (My new cousin) IMG_5842_FotorMy mom is so talented with candy tables. As my cousin’s nina (Godmother) she gifted them a candy table and it came out so cute! Great job mom! IMG_5847_FotorI apologize for looking so sad/angry/resting b face but I didn’t realize the time so I could only take a quick selfie. IMG_5849_FotorI want to thank Teni Panosian for the holiday makeup look. I was in a panic mode while getting ready. (Lets just say I was a mess, hence the photo quality. I forgot my camera during my rush out the door) I love her videos! She gets right to the point and her videos are easy to find. What more can you ask for in panic mode. I also want to thank Jackie Wyers for the hair tutorial. YouTube for the win! IMG_5853_FotorLook how handsome my cousin/groomsman/best man looks! IMG_5855_FotorMy beautiful momma and sissypoo.IMG_5857_FotorBesitos!IMG_5859_FotorLet’s just say we were hogging the photo booth.

 IMG_5864_FotorShe’s not baby Adrianna anymore. Gosh, I feel old when I see my cousin’s kids.IMG_5867_FotorIMG_5869_FotorYou guys, I can’t with my beautiful cousins! I hate to brag…buuut I’m going to!IMG_5871_FotorI have a reoccurring theme of taking funny photos with my cousins. We were inspired by the movie The Untouchables…well a meme from it. When I am with my cousins I feel so comfortable and there is no shortage of laughter. We all have our own lives yet when we get together it’s an automatic, great memory. It’s such a blessing having them, all of them.

Well, that’s it for the wedding!

Outfit Details:

Dress: I am scared to even link this, but this is where my dress is from. It was actually a Poshmark purchase. There isn’t a size. The website even says “Free Size” whatever that means…but it fits like a true 2. If you are a 4 or 0 there is breathing room for you. I am in between a 2 and 4 so it fit great!

-Shoes: Just Fab

-Lipstick: Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Rebel Red”

Check out my latest vlog! I FINALLY posted my November vlog! I hope you like it 🙂







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