Gift Wrapping Update + Giveaway

Hey Fashionistas!

I am so excited to share my update! This will be a short blog post today since I am trying to finish my YouTube video (That will feature how I wrapped these). Stay tuned for that!

After much research (on Pinterest) and ribbon shopping, I made some coffee, switched on my Christmas playlist and got to wrapping! Gosh, I really love gift wrapping! It is so much fun. Here are my results:

DSC01334_FotorDSC01341_FotorDSC01339_FotorDSC01333_FotorAll of the ribbons, berries, and the poinsettia are from Michaels. The wrapping and tags are from Marshalls. These were my favorites out of the bunch.


I decided not to do a giveaway this month, instead I am going to give out free Starbucks! Give this photo to your barista to scan and have a free Starbucks on me. ONE DRINK PER PERSON PLEASE! Hurry before the card runs out!

Merry Christmas Fashionistas and I hope you found some inspiration from my gift wrapping. Tag me in your photo so I can see how you wrapped your presents! #thebrokegirlfashionista (and if you were able to get something from Starbucks)






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