Bookworm / Style

Fringe, Leather and Arizona Sky

Hey Fashionistas!

I feel like I haven’t posted an outfit in a while so I thought I’d share what I wore Thanksgiving weekend. Mostly, everything is from Red E Surf (Located in The Shoppes at Chino Hills, CA)

2_FotorBoots: Just Fab5_FotorThis is Bam Bam.1_Fotor3_FotorIsn’t Arizona so beautiful?!7_Fotor4_FotorMeet Bentley.6_FotorSQUAD. That’s my car. His name is Optimus. 8_FotorIf anyone is wondering, I am currently reading “Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures” by Emma Straub. I wanted to do a book review on this book, but I am thinking I should do a Christmas book since it’s December! What do you all think? If you have any recommendations on a Christmas book, comment down below!

Pajamas: Victoria Secret

Socks: Stance from Red E Surf




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