Skincare Favorites + Eczema

Hey Fashionistas!

I just got back from Arizona (there will be a blog + vlog on it coming up!) and while I was there I felt my skin (mostly my face) become more and more dry. The weather was a lot more cold than it is here in California so my eczema flared up a bit. I wanted to share with you my eczema story along with what products I’ve tried and tested. None of these products are sponsored. I knew I had eczema for a while now, but I finally gave in a visited my doctor. My forehead, eye area, and arms are the main spots I get my flare ups. After visiting the doctor, I learned so many helpful tips and options to take care of my skin. Now, these work for me but they may not work for you so trial and error people!

Skin Type: Normal to dry + sensitive

So the first thing my doctor said was no hot water! Let me tell you the struggle with that because showers are now the worst! Hot water dries up your skin and opens up your pores, which would not be so bad if I didn’t have eczema. The second thing he said was no conditioner. I immediately was sad because I thought hot water was bad enough and then he dropped the no conditioner on me. The third tip was no more lotion. I am to use cream on my skin now. My love of Bath & Body Works has come to an end. Sad. Do they have cream? Except the candles, of course.

After those tips we moved onto top brands for eczema. I already researched the top brands, but it is nice to have a doctor’s opinion. He mentioned, CeraVe, Aveeno and Cetaphil. Right away I went to Target to check out prices and how much product comes in each tub of cream. You know, research. Here is what I have tried so far:

1.CeraVe – I have this sample of the face wash. I am almost done with the bottle and I have to say I love it! It does not have a scent and it really makes my face soft and smooth. It is also really fresh! It is for normal to dry skin, but they have normal skin or oily skin options. I might just buy the body wash and the cream too.IMG_5558_Fotor

2. MAC Fix+ Spray – This one is supposed to have a scent, but I cannot smell it! I want the other colors for sure, but this one still does the job. I use it before and after my makeup. It is supposed to make your makeup last longer but I love it for hydration as well. IMG_5559_Fotor

3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – I love this cream! Its not too heavy so you can wear it everyday. I use it before putting on my makeup. Its not one of those greasy creams that makes you feel like you’re sweating. It really helps my skin feel hydrated and I don’t break out after using it. So as the label states, its great for sensitive skin!IMG_5553_Fotor

4. Aveeno Intensive Night Cream & Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream – I know I’m supposed to love Aveeno because everyone supposedly does, but I cannot get over the scent. I cannot describe the moisturizing cream because it has a strange smell. I thought maybe mine was expired but I smelled my nephew’s baby eczema cream from Aveeno and it smells the same. I love the regular lotion from this brand, but I probably won’t be purchasing this cream again. The night cream has more of a perfume scent which bothered me at first, but it grew on me. I just don’t like how I’m already putting on heavy night cream and then I get a strong perfume scent as well? My skin is sensitive so I can’t really use this every night. IMG_5552_Fotor

5. Eco-Beauty Goodnight. Night Cream – Now this is a night cream I can use every night. It seriously smells like cucumbers! I love it so much! I got this in my Ipsy bag and fell in love the moment I tried it. It is pretty light weight for a night cream, and it has great consistency. I always wake up feeling fresh and awake. IMG_5543_Fotor

6. Prescription Cream – If you have dry skin or eczema go to your doctor or dermatologist and listen to their tips. My doctor prescribed me this steroid cream for my eye. It is always scary putting stuff on my eye lids because eyes are so sensitive but whatever it takes! I don’t use this every day only when I get flare ups. There is an over the counter version that has a smaller percentage but I am sure it should help. Consult a doctor first of course. IMG_5562_Fotor

After trying these products I noticed a big difference in my skin. I definitely tried all of my doctor’s tips, but I sort of tweaked them. I know hot water is bad for my skin, but I use it in the beginning of a shower and then I end with cold water. I think that is a good compromise. As for the conditioner, I use it only at the tips of my hair. That is really where my hair needs it the most anyway. Well, that’s it! Let me know what you have tried or what you recommend!




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