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Marshalls Gift Wrapping Haul

Hey Fashionistas!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, whaaat?! Where has the time gone? So the first thing I do every Christmas is pick a theme for my wrapping. A theme could be: snowman, red, black & white, a certain ribbon color, etc. This year I really fell in love with black, white, gold and a hint of red. Oh, and pretty calligraphy. That seems like a lot but it’ll be great when I am done! I started doing this because that’s how my momma (and aunties) do it. The best place (and most inexpensive) to get your wrapping is from Marshalls. If I were you, I would finish reading this and get your butt over there! I say that because Marshalls is the kind of store that takes out their holiday (I said holiday because they do this for every holiday) items way in advance. The items I am listing is just the start. I usually start with the basics, buy my presents and then buy the extras if I have money left in my budget. I will not be writing what I am using each item for because I am not sure which family member or friend are reading! haha! Here we go:

First things first…BOXES! There is nothing more essential, other than tape and scissors. Marshalls has a pack of 10 boxes which is amazeballs. IMG_5292_FotorNow you can also go to Costco or Sams Club and get boxes in bulk, but I liked these colors. IMG_5293_FotorNext in the essentials are gift boxes. They come in handy for those odd sized gifts or if you need something fancy for your boss. (Been there!) These boxes are so easy as you just add tissue! (The gift too, of course)IMG_5290_FotorSo if you are doing presents for the little ones, you want to make sure they are equal. If that is the case I recommend these cute little boxes. You can put simple little gifts in here! These would also be great for prizes for your Christmas party. Like above, just add tissue! You cannot forget the infamous gift card present. Dress up your gift cards with these cute little boxes. These boxes don’t exactly go with my theme, but things happen.IMG_5299_FotorNext is the classic gift bag. Essential? I think so!IMG_5296_FotorSpeaking of essential, wrapping paper! I am so in love with calligraphy and simple paper. I love wrapping paper with different textures, colors and calligraphy. Last year I went the texture route and I loved it! By texture I mean the wrapping paper was thicker and had embossed patterns on it. So pretty!IMG_5304_FotorNothing seals a present like a gift tag! The poor ladies were probably so annoyed by my “AWWW”ing. I couldn’t help it! Look how cute these are! Anyway, not only is it best to tag your presents (in any way) but its more fun when they are tagged with cute tags! IMG_5295_FotorLike I said, drop what you are doing and head over to Marshalls before it’s all gone. Believe me, it will be. (Marshalls veteran speaking here)

I cannot wait to show you my finished presents. It is probably my favorite part other than the giving part hehe. Tag me #thebrokegirlfashionista #tbgf in your photos when you finish wrapping yours or buy your paper! Is anyone else obsessed with wrapping paper?!

*Thank you mom for the props. Although when you read this, it’ll be too late…hehe

Happy Thanksgiving Fashionistas! I am so thankful for you! Thank you Lord for putting it in my heart to share what I love with such amazing readers. Eat some stuffing for me!




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