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Being a Tri-Angel

Hey Fashionistas!

This weekend (well Sunday) was jam packed. I had church, the NYX opening and a fundraiser. I am mainly going to tell you about the fundraiser because I have another post of my NYX haul, so stay tuned. Triangle Fraternity held a dinner to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, the Cal Poly Pomona Chapter. I am so proud of these guys for really stepping up and supporting great organizations. The fraternity is fairly new to Cal Poly, and it has been pretty great to watch them transform into the most humble, hard working men I have ever met. Why am I posting about a fraternity on my blog? Well, I have the honor of being their “Tri-Angel”. My best friend introduced me to this group of gentlemen 2 years ago, and I have been attached ever since. At first I was so intimidated by their intellect. I mean, you have to be a science, engineering, or architecture major to join. I graduated with a degree in public relations, which holds it own on difficulty, but those majors are in a world of their own. After hanging out with them that first Halloween night, I knew I would create great friendships. I do admit, I felt like a real life Penny (from Big Bang Theory), but there was never a time where they put me down, just plain old great memories.

Anyway, they are achieving so many of their goals and I am so proud to come back and support them, support people in need. The night was filled with jokes, yummy food, music and honoring Habitat for Humanity.

I had to snap chat after getting ready! haha Follow me @bricastro Let me know if you want to see a hair and/or makeup tutorial on this look.

My lovely date. ❤IMG_4986_FotorLove them!IMG_5026_FotorMy fellow, beautiful Tri-Angels and the guys. They are so cute!IMG_5028_Fotor

Thank you to the men of Triangle for all of the laughs and memories, I am proud to be your Tri-Angel. To learn more about Triangle click here or to donate to Habitat for Humanity the CPP chapter click here.

Update: They actually raised $3800, 100 articles of clothing and 300 pounds of food for people in need. Great work guys!




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