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My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!

Hey Fashionistas!

GUESS WHAT?! If you didn’t read the headline I am having my very first giveaway! I went to Gleam, a contest website to help me out. I am in no way sponsored by Gleam or any of the brands featured in this contest. They are just simply my favorite things. There is a little bit of everything in this giveaway since I am a lifestyle blogger. I have way more favorite things, but these items are just the start. Let me explain why I picked each one:

IMG_4497_FotorFirst up is this wooden sign. My room is filled with these encouraging or inspirational signs. I love the calligraphy on this one and the gold writing:

IMG_4530_FotorNext is a pack of journals. I have kept a journal for years and my favorite thing to do is to buy a journal with a small amount of pages because nothing feels better than finishing a journal. I feel so accomplished! Also, I love the encouraging quotes!

IMG_4527_Fotor IMG_4526_FotorSpeaking of accomplished…Chapstick! Has anyone ever finished a chapstick? I have finished one chapstick in my lifetime. This one is my favorite because it is not sticky and it actually keeps my lips hydrated!IMG_4505_FotorNext is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks! NYX has such a great line of liquid lipsticks, this shade particularly is so beautiful! I can seriously go to work for 9 hours and I don’t have to touch up my lip stick. How great is that?! Oh! These are 6 bucks! IMG_4524_Fotor IMG_4522_FotorNext is this pretty jewelry dish! (Don’t worry, I’ll bubble wrap it) I left a surprise bonus gift inside. This would kill me if I were on the other side. haha so mean…anyway, you all were so nice when I posted my DIY jewelry dish so I thought this would be an appropriate item.IMG_4508_Fotor

Next is a pair of Stance socks. These socks are great to snuggle in and read a book (or watch your favorite shows). I wear these in my boots or even when I go snow boarding. So good! They are unisex so guys, you can wear these! IMG_4502_FotorLastly, this is a donation from my favorite shop, Red E Surf Shop. They are Von Zipper sunnies! Woohoo! How amazing are these?! I love black sun glasses because they go with everything! Also, it is a good color for all seasons. Win!IMG_4509_Fotor IMG_4516_Fotor


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