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Halloween Inspiration: Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers + Girl Power

Hey Fashionistas!

I am posting my second and last Halloween inspiration for this year. This one is special to me because the character I dressed up as is not known to everyone, (because she doesn’t have a show or movie) but she is still an amazing inspirational character.

Her name is Carol Danvers and she is apart of the Marvel universe. Here’s why you would want to be her for Halloween:

  • She kicks butt! Her powers are part human and part Kree (hybrid) so she is alien, sort of. Her powers include: superhuman strength and durability, can fly at roughly six times the speed of sound, has the “sixth sense”, discharge explosive blasts of energy  from her fingertips, and resistant to most toxins and poisons. Hmmm, I think she’s pretty amazing!
  • Her human strengths include: exceptional espionage agent, pilot, hand to hand combat and marksman.
  • She currently goes by Captain Marvel (because she’s a girl boss, duh), but I dressed up as her Ms Marvel persona.
  • Although, she’s been wiped of her memories several times since the 70s, kidnapped, impregnated, unmentionable (and Marvel should be ashamed of themselves) actions done by multiple characters, she always manages to retain her powers and become more powerful than she was before.
  • Danvers actually starts out as an officer in the United States Air Force when she meets the original Captain Marvel…and eventually absorbs his powers in an explosion.
  • She is associated with Avengers, NASA, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and so many other (lesser known to mainstream) affiliates.

That is a very, VERY short version of her story. Anyways, she rules end of story. Here is my rendition of Ms Marvel:

IMG_3695I realized my red sash was too short so I fixed that, and I was too shy to walk around in this skimpy little body suit, so I added shorts.

Items Needed:

Black bodysuit 

Over the knee black boots

Gold metallic material (Joanns is having a sale!)

Red satin fabric


-Ruler or straight-edged object (I used an eyeshadow palette haha)

-Sewing material or glue (for people who cannot sew like me)


Black gloves

-Black face paint or eyeliner


You would need to measure and draw out the bolt shape. I drew the bolt to go under my boob area because I used glue instead of sewing. It would get all wrinkly when I put it on so I didn’t want to deal with that.IMG_3658

Use the scissors to cut the shape out. I would recommend drawing the bolt backwards because then you can flip it over and the pen markings will not be visible. IMG_3677

Yay! That was the “hard part”
IMG_3683Now, you can curl your hair, and put on your makeup. I used MAC’s eye liner pencil in “Ebony” to draw the mask on my face. Ms Marvel’s mask is more of an outline than a colored in mask which is usual seen on super heroes. This photo is from the end of the night, so the eyeliner did not move the whole night! IMG_3826

Here is my terrible dance moves. The “Q-Tip”IMG_3796

With my girls:IMG_3793

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can check out her costume DIY here.IMG_3785

My bestie Caitlin was a super cute cupcake! Yum!IMG_3790

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rant about girl power. I am really looking forward to more women in movies and TV shows. It’s time. To the comic book police, go lightly on me. haha


Signature*All information was taken from Carol Danver’s Wikipedia page.


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