Ponytail + French Braid Tutorial

Hey Fashionistas!

I’m excited to start yet another category of my blog…call me Miss Overachiever. In my About page I explain all of my categories, but in short I want to blog about what I love most. In total there are seven categories: Beauty, Bookworm (Currently reading something great!), Broke Girls, DIY, Organize it!, Style, Tunes. Lets just say you’ll have an array of topics to read, and if you ever feel like you only want to read one category click on the category in sidebar to the right. If you are reading this on your phone it’s all the way at the bottom. Confused? Let me help you out:

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If you read the title of this post, you will get the impression that I am doing a hair tutorial…and you are correct! Lets dive in:


These are the supplies (Products) I used:

  • OGX Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum – This goes with my matching shampoo and conditioner. It smells like the beach! It also, helps with my Hermione Granger hair (Thanks mom and dad).
  • Oscar Blandi Heat Protect Spray – This literally smells like nothing, and I’m glad because my OCD kicks in when I have too many scents on me. I received this in my Ipsy bag. Thanks!
  • Garnier Fructis Anti Humidity Hair Spray – I know I mentioned too many scents, but this hair spray seriously does wonders on my hair! It’ll hold my frizzy hair, but I can still touch it after. If you love fruity scents you’ll love this.
  • Sarah Potempa Mini Styling Brush – This is great for traveling and for everyday use. The brush has two different bristles, which is great because it brushes more than your normal styling brush.
  • Sarah Potempa Darby Clips – My hair is really thick so it’s hard to find a clip that doesn’t dent my hair. One of these clips can hold half my hair without any dents.
  • Sarah Potempa Beachwaver – I found this wand is better than the others because it does the work for me. It has a small clip at the bottom to hold the end of your hair (or closer to the end) and all you have to do is push the button that says “GO”. Easy. If this sounds scary because it’s automatic, it’s not. You can set the speed to your comfort level and after a few tries it’ll be second nature.
  • Forever 21 Paddle Brush (Not Pictured) – I bought a cute cake print comb that does the job pretty well.
  • 2-3 Hair Ties

Prep:Blog Navigation

  1. Start by brushing your hair with a comb or brush.
  2. Take a few pumps of the coconut milk serum and comb it through your hair with your fingers. I only use the serum on the ends of my hair and the front layers so my hair doesn’t get too oily.
  3. Protect your hair with a heat protectant spray.
  4. Pull the front layers of your hair and clip them to the side. (We’ll style them later) *If you don’t have bangs or front layers skip this step* Then, clip the left side of your hair back. Clip the right if you are going to braid the left side.

Braid:hair grid 2

5. Start by french braiding your hair going towards the back of your head.

6. After a few braids you can finish with a regular braid. Secure with a clear elastic or a matching hair tie. (I broke my elastics so I used a blonde hair tie)

7. Pull the sides of your braid to make it bigger. The messier the better!

8. Use your styling brush to build a ponytail at the middle of your head, and include the braid. I twisted mine over to avoid a lot of bumps. You may also want to tease your hair at this step, but I had to do my hair in 10 minutes. I opted for pulling some hair at the top of the ponytail.

hair grid 3

9. If you have fringe or some short, front layers go ahead and curl (or beachwave) them.

10. Curl the ponytail to your liking. I lightly beachwaved my ponytail, ran my fingers through it and then scrunched it. Use hair spray if needed.

hair grid 4

11. You did it! Wasn’t it easy?

I wore this hairstyle to my (Great) Aunt Francey’s birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Fun Fact about Aunt Francey: My mom and I introduced her to Starbucks last month, and she is now in love with their iced tea! She’s so hip now.


Bri at Tiffanys


Isn’t she so cute?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The best cesar salad! Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Thanks for reading! Tag me on Instagram if you tried this hair style. Until next time…



I am not sponsored by any of the brands listed in this post. All of the opinions are my own.


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