OOTD + Photographer Pam Xue

Hi Fashionistas!

I wanted to give some love to the photographer who took my grad photos this year. I had so much fun taking these photos and I was so pleased with her service and talent. This post is dedicated to her and all of the seniors starting school this year. When I was attending school, I spent many hours researching grad photos (and grad party ideas) from other bloggers and of course Pinterest. It also motivated me keep studying as I gathered each photo, and I hope these can be that for you.

All photos were taken by Pam Xue. Thank you again Pam! You are lovely, talented,and your work ethic is inspirational. I hope you are excelling in grad school! From what I witnessed in our classes, you are knocking it out of the park!

Bri-12 copy

Bri-39 copy

Bri-2 copy

Bri-28 copy

Bri-30 copy


Top: Windsor (Similar)

Skirt: Windsor (It’s on sale now!)

Jean Jacket: Marshalls

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: The wedges are old, but the ankle boots are from Marshalls.

Bri-44 copy

Bri-48 copy

Bri-55 copy

Bri-66 copy

Bri-78 copy

Bri-82 copy

Bri-93 copy

Bri-105 copy

Because the photo above was harder to do than it looks.

Because the photo above was harder to do than it looks.


Top: Windsor (It’s on sale now!)

Shorts: American Eagle (Lemme guess, sale?)

Shoes: Both are from Marshalls (Can you guess where I worked throughout college?)

Bri-114 copy

My mother made this! She's the best.

My mother made this! She’s the best.

Bri-128 copy Bri-132 copy

Bri-137 copy

This was inspired by my friend Shellby's grad photo. Thanks Shellbs!

This was inspired by my friend Shellby’s grad photo. Thanks Shellbs!

Bri-146 copy

Bri-149 copy

Bri-154 copy

Thank you to my entourage from that day! By entourage I mean my parents (props), sister (hair/makeup check), and my godson (moral support). You guys are my life.




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