Organize it!

Organizing 101

When people think about organizing, they think about all of the negative aspects, such as: how time consuming it is, they would rather do something fun, or they do not have any extra money to buy expensive organizing tools.

Organizing can be all of those things, but it is also beneficial. Imagine waking up late for class, but instead of trying to match a pair of shoes in a big pile, you see all of your shoes nice and organized? In a perfect world, right? Wrong! There are methods to make all of those organizing dreams come true, in a true broke girl fashionista way.

Being organized is helpful because you get to see everything laid out, and you will be less likely to mess up your newly clean room. We are all guilty of destroying our rooms when we are trying to find the perfect outfit. Well, NO MORE! Enough trying to convince you to be organized; let’s dig in.

Lets start with our favorite item, shoes! Shoes should be first, because that is what most girls like to purchase the most. Shoes are essential to every outfit, and should always be a top priority. I found from experience that shoe racks or cubbies are the best bet for shoe organization. My closet is extremely small, and I needed something that would look organized, and at the same time be functional. I tried the over-the-door shoe sleeves, but they would always break, and I did not like that my closet could not close. These shoe racks have been amazing and I have no complaints:


Each rack holds nine pairs of shoes, and I fit four racks in my tiny closet.

My shoe racks are from Target and they were on clearance for $5! Score! I went back to the Target website (for my blog), and there are similar racks for $9.89, which is still pretty good considering other shoes racks are around $15 to $25 at other stores. In the picture above, you can see my closet is organized by: sandals, tennis shoes, flats and heels.

Of course like many girls, that is still not enough shoe space, so here are some alternatives: I bought a bin (Also from Target), to put my heels that I do not wear too often, under my bed. When I am ready to use them, I slide the bin right out and it is quick and accessible.Β  Also, since I have many pairs of boots, and they obviously do not fit on a shoe rack; I bought two metal baskets to go in my coat closet. The pairs that came with inserts, I like to keep them in so it preserves the shape of the boot. Taking care of your shoes helps make them last longer.


Metal Baskets were $7.99 at Marshalls.

Next on the list is jewelry! I have researched and tried many ways to keep all of my necklaces and bracelets organized, but I finally found a way that works perfect for me. For my bracelets, I found that keeping them in drawers such as the one I found at Target, is the most effective. It comes in many colors and it does not crowd your counter space, since we all want that extra counter space! There are poles to string the bracelets out there, but what if you want one that is on the bottom? Those organizers are time consuming, but with the drawers, all you have to do is pull out the tray and grab one!


I threw in lipsticks in the top drawer, since it is so convenient. This small box was under $10 at Target.

As for necklaces and others, I bought a jewelry rack from Marshalls, and it works perfectly! It hangs on the wall, so it does not take counter space at all, and it is spread out so no more spending ten minutes trying to detangle a pile of necklaces.


No clutter here! This jewelry rack is $9.99 at Marshalls.

Organizing may take a while to do, but think about how much time you are saving in the long run. You are taking off extra minutes to do more with your mornings! Just think, five to ten more minutes of sleep? Who would have thought?!

Happy organizing!




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