Broke Girls

Featured BGF: Eliana Chavez

My best friend Eliana Chavez understands the struggle of being a poor college student with expensive taste.


Eliana doing what she does often…Laugh!

Eliana is an International Business student who works two jobs and goes to school full time. Her fashion inspirations are: Kate Middleton, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev and her character Elena on The Vampire Diaries, fashion blogger Lauren Elizabeth and YouTuber Meghan Rosette. Her style consists of put-together pieces, typically casual, but comfort is essential for her. Eliana’s favorite stores include: H&M, Forever 21, Steve Madden and Target. Eliana’s advice, “Pick out outfits that will make you feel confident and that will be appropriate and comfortable enough to carry you throughout your day.”


Eliana had to hold off on her fall outfits since it was 82 degrees today! Yikes!


It’s all in the details-
Top: Hollister $12.99 (on sale) SCORE!
Shorts: Hollister $10 (on sale) DOUBLE SCORE!


Gotta have the glitter!
Sandals: Target $13



Photos by: Brianna Castro


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